Журнал гематологии и тромбоэмболических заболеваний

Журнал гематологии и тромбоэмболических заболеваний
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ISSN: 2329-8790


Polycythemia Vera and Acute Coronary Syndromes: Pathogenesis, Risk Factors and Treatment

Gouri Adel, Dekaken Aoulia, Yekhlef Amina, Bentorki Ahmed Aymen and Nabil Mohie Abdel-Hamid

Polycythemia vera is a chronic myeloproliferative disorder marked by significant thrombotic complications.
Myocardial infarction and heart failure is the most common cause of death. Mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of these complications are not yet well elucidate; erythrocytosis and quantitative platelet abnormalities may play a major role in the development of thrombosis and ischemia. Age older than 60 years and prior history of thrombosis are the two main risk factors. Evidence for the prevention and treatment of specific cardiovascular complications in PV is too scarce. However, current evidence supports the use of hydroxyurea as the initial choice of cytoreductive agent in PV patients with acute coronary syndrome.