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Журнал психологии и психотерапии
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ISSN: 2161-0487


Positive Aspects of Being Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual in Spain: an Exploratory Study

Jenna Strizzi, Inmaculada Fernández-Agis, Tesifón Patrón-Carreño and Raquel Alarcón-Rodríguez

This research aimed to contribute to the task of understanding lesbian, gay and bisexual people’s lives in Spain using a positive psychology base. As an exploratory study, the present study sought to examine if the domains and themes identified in Riggle, Whitman, Oslon, Rostosky and Strong could be applied to the Spanish context. The responses from 150 Spanish residents demonstrated that positive aspects not only exist, but some are experienced by an overwhelming percentage of participants. The comparative analyses suggest that the belief in the existence of positive aspects and a sense of belonging to LGB communities may serve as protective factors.