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Postpartum Osteitis Pubis Treated Successfully with Shockwave Therapy: A Case Report

Natalya Fazylova and Arkady Aaron Lipnitsky

The purpose of this case study was to demonstrate that Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) could be an adjunctive therapy for patients with postpartum osteitis pubis. Osteitis pubis is a painful, inflammatory condition that is difficult to handle without a comprehensive treatment method. A 26-year-old female patient with a notable condition of postpartum osteitis pubis participated in this case study. The treatment involved ESWT as a therapy for the patient’s groin and pubic pain due to osteitis pubis. A comprehensive physical therapy regimen and exercises were implemented to augment the effect of shockwave treatment. The study identified the beneficial role of ESWT in treatment of osteitis pubis, which has not previously been mentioned and warrants further investigation. Further studies would help determine whether ESWT is a suitable adjunctive therapy for the treatment of osteitis pubis.