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ISSN: 2168-9849


Prevalence of Alexithymia in the General Adult Population of Quetta, Balochistan in Pakistan

Nida Tabassum Khan

Alexithymia is recognized as a medical condition in which an individual fails to express his feelings rather suppressing their thoughts and face difficulties in distinctive emotions leading to a number of neuropsychiatric issues. By means of measuring emotional intensity based on the professed reality of external stimuli, inferences could be drawn to indicate distinctive response patterns of such individuals. Therefore incidence of alexithymia was studied in the general adult population of Quetta Balochistan by using a well-recognized measuring scale TAS-20. High prevalence of alexithymia was found in both the genders i.e., Males (93%) and Females (87%) suggesting that predominance of negative emotional experiences and disturbed cognitive functioning in alexithymia may result in unstable mental status of individuals with conditions like somatic complaints, anxiety, depression and even social dysfunction.