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Журнал психологии и психотерапии
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ISSN: 2161-0487


Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in a Sample of Elderly Residents in Rural and Urban Population of Zulfi Region - Saudi Arabia

Abdul Rahman Al Atram

The population of the world is aging rapidly, because of increasing life expectancy and falling birth rates This age is also more prone to have chronic diseases and hence there is a need to ensure that the health and social support to these individuals is available. Mental illness represents an important public health problem. Local-level data concerning mental illness in different populations provides the evidence-base for public health authorities to plan, implement and evaluate control programs. Aims: to estimate the prevalence of psychiatric disorders among the elderly in this region and to analyze for differences between urban and rural areas and also identify and suggest some risk factors for these disorders. Methodology: The study was done in Zulfi region of Saudi Arabia. The sample size of rural & urban study was 550&392 persons from 65 years and more, respectively. Instruments and procedures: All the participants of the study were given a general health questionnaire, a symptom check list, a questionnaire to assess the social and economic level and a Structured clinical interview for DSM –IV (SCID) Results: The psychiatric symptoms among elderly in this study according to SCL 90 were not seen in 15.56% in urban people and 40.4% in rural area. The most prevalent psychiatric disorder in urban area is dysthymia 19.37% while the most prevalent psychiatric disorder in rural area is adjustment disorder with depressed mood at 14%.