Журнал рыболовства и аквакультуры

Журнал рыболовства и аквакультуры
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ISSN: 2150-3508


Probiotics in water quality management and disease resistance in P. vannamei farms of Razole, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

Saif Pilli

Incidences of white feces syndrome was reported in reared farms of Penaeus vannamei during January 2022 in many shrimp farms of Razole, East Godavari, and Andhra Pradesh, India. This was commonly observed in 30-50 DOC (days of culture). A total nine types of water quality parameters were taken to observe how this parameter enhances the White feces syndrome. The early indication of white feces syndrome is identified by white fecal strings is floating on the surface of the water. In severely affected shrimp hepatopancreas and gut becomes white and pale yellow in color. In this study recommendations were made on how to control White feces syndrome by using Probiotics and natural remedies.