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Журнал психологии и психотерапии
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Psycho-Social Challenges of Health Professionals during the Outbreak of COVID-19 in Dire Dawa City Administration

Wondu Teshome Beharu, Helen Asaminew Dejene

Background: Health professionals working in health institutions were face various psychosocial challenges. Psycho-social factors can play a pivotal role in shaping health professionals’ personal, family and work life. This study explores the psychosocial challenges of health professionals during the outbreak of COVID-19 in Dire Dawa City Administration.
Methods: A purposive sampling method was used to select ten health professionals from Sabian Primary Hospital and Dire Dawa University which serve as isolation and quarantine center of COVID-19 cases. We conducted 10 in-depth semi-structured interviews with health professionals to examine their experiences of psychosocial challenges during COVID-19. This study was employed thematic qualitative method of data analysis.
Results: The findings of this study revealed that the psychological challenges reported by the study participants were stress, tension, depression, mood and sleep problems. The major social challenges indicated by study participants were missing social bonds, refraining from family visit, missing church programs, wedding, mourning and birth day. Conclusions: This study was concluded that the psychosocial challenges of health professionals need a scientific strategies and support systems in order to solve the challenges of health professionals successfully.