Журнал клеточной науки и терапии

Журнал клеточной науки и терапии
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ISSN: 2157-7013


Regenerative Surgery in the Management of the Leg Ulcers

Letizia Trovato, Giacomo Failla, Simone Serantoni and Francesco Paolo Palumbo

The causes of non-healing leg ulcers are multi-factorial, and include both systemic and local factors. The beginning of advanced dressings or the negative pressure wound therapy and compression therapy, certainly improved clinical outcomes. In this paper, we showed the efficacy of autologous micro-grafts to improve wound healing of leg ulcers of different etiology. These micro-grafts are obtained through a disposable medical device and are constituted by viable progenitor cells and growth factors deriving from autologous tissue which was disaggregated. A total of 7 different leg ulcers from 5 patients were analyzed, and after the treatment with autologous micro-grafts, in all lesions it was observed an enhancement of wound healing process after the first week that lasted up to one month from micro-grafts injection. Furthermore, for all the lesions, the patients reported a pain disappearance. In conclusion, these preliminary results showed that leg ulcers previously treated with routinary approach with no results, when treated with autologous micro-grafts quickly improve their dwound healing in addition to reduction and/or disappearance of pain.