Журнал химической инженерии и технологических процессов

Журнал химической инженерии и технологических процессов
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ISSN: 2157-7048


Removal Efficiency of Solid Particles from Raw Water Using AFM Grade-2 Media: Case Study

Sami M Al-Aibi, Jamal S Al-Rukabie, Adel O Sharif, Dhia Y Aqar, Hameed B Mahood, Saleh O Alaswad and Alireza A Monjezi

This paper describes the removal efficiency of solid particles from raw water by activated crushed glass media and compares its efficiency with sand media. In this study, activated crushed glass media (AFM) grade 2 and 14/25 sand media were experimentally tested using a filtration pilot plant unit in CORA laboratory. Turbidity level of the effluent used was around 70 NTU, which has been selected from turbidity profile test of Wey River (Guildford/UK) on March 2010. Although, both of these filter media were not identical in porosity and particle size distribution, the experimental results showed that AFM media garde-2 exhibited a high capability to remove solid particles from the raw water besides of it other advantages. Also, the capability of AFM for removing solid particles was slightly poorer than those of 14/25 sand media.