Птицеводство, рыболовство и науки о дикой природе

Птицеводство, рыболовство и науки о дикой природе
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ISSN: 2375-446X


Seasonal Abundance and Diversity of Water Birds in Some Wetlands of Sinnar State, Sudan

Mohamed Elmekki Ali Elbadawi Hussien

This study aims at filling the gap of knowledge in Sinnar state in which little studies about birds were carried out
and the information about birds in general is meagre. Objectives of this study are to: identify bird’s species at various
wetlands of Sinnar State; and total number of birds, diversity indices should be attained and listing them according
to the conservation status.
This study is conducted in Sinnar state, central Sudan (Latitudes 05°-12° to 05°-14° and longitudes 32.9°-35.4°),
Figures, covering 12 wetlands (mayas), during the wet and the dry season spanning 2011-2013; the wetlands are
Ronga, Allahmaana, Gladeema, Elban, Rahad Kobri 45, Lawni, Kinnaf Tura 5, Rigaba, Shamiya, Wad elggack,
Homrani and Sinnar Dam reservoir. Birds are counted twice a day (morning and evening) in all wetlands with the help
of telescopes and binoculars. Species utilizing each category of the wetlands are identified. Birds’ Diversity indices
are calculated in each wetland.
Species richness in wetlands of Sinnar fluctuated widely. Numbers of water birds varied seasonally, presumably
due to climatic changes during the wet and dry seasons, the total number counted in the whole study was 62160
individuals, of 71 species. Diversity indices; of birds varied from 1.0 to 0.15. Species richness of water birds varied
seasonally among wetlands. This applies also to the total numbers of water birds.
Most species categorized under the least concern while some of them were not listed in the red list.