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ISSN: 2168-9849


Sex Determination of Fetus Prenatal from Maternal Plasma in Goats Using Duplex PCR

Talib Ahmed Jaayid, Tahir A Fahid and NisreenYasirJasim

This work was carried out the Genetic Engineering Lab, College of Agriculture, Basrah University, Iraq. This study included determines the sex of the fetus prenatal by analyzing free fetal DNA cells in maternal plasma by using duplex PCR. blood were collected from 5 pregnant females prepared the plasma and extract the DNA by using heatbased direct method for plasma and then investigate the sequences GAPDH and DYS14 through the use of multiplex polymerase chain reaction technique and the results were 2 (40%) males show a double bands one at 97 bp representing GAPDH and the second at 198 bp representing DYS14 and 3 (60%) females show a single band at 97 bp representing GAPDH.