Журнал политических наук и связей с общественностью

Журнал политических наук и связей с общественностью
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ISSN: 2332-0761


Significance of Context in Theorizing Politics

Divyendu Jha* and Sharma T

The following paper seeks to understand the nature of theory/theorization and its interface with context. What significance does the context holds in theorizing politics, if it at all does? Context seems to play an important role when deciding about the matters of society, however the ethical normativity which is said to provide a ground for theorization cannot be completely side lined in reflecting upon the problems of society at large which brings us to the forefront of tussle between context dependent principles and ultimate context independent principles. Author shall stand by the relevance of context, if not absolutely then at least relatively, in theorizing politics drawing support largely from analytical political philosophy. A contextual; approach to political theory by Joseph H Carens and Political philosophy for earthlings by David Miller. Author intend to highlight the dominance of context in the relationship of facts and principles