Международный журнал достижений в области технологий

Международный журнал достижений в области технологий
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ISSN: 0976-4860


Spatial Analysis Model for Estimation of Population and Other Census Data in India for Forecasts in Demographic, Social and Economic Arena

AVN Krishna*

In general, Population and other forms of data for different states and times in India are taken from census data which will be taken for every 10 years. This data may have spatial autocorrelation which is characterized by a correlation in a signal among nearby locations in space. Spatial autocorrelation is more complex than onedimensional autocorrelation because spatial correlation is multi-dimensional and multi-directional. Thus in this work a model is being used to study population data for its spatial and temporal characteristics. Before the model being considered, the data will be initially studied for its relevance in spatial analysis problem. Once the problem is satisfied for its spatial autocorrelation characteristics, the model is used to generate coefficients from available census data, which will be used to generate data within 10 years span and for future predictions.