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Strategy of Petrous Meningioma Surgery

Mohamed A Fahmy Zeid

Subjects: Petrous Meningioma are benign lesions, their total surgical excision is the only method for complete cure, However ,their excision are confronted by deep location and critical anatomical relation and exact site of origin from the petrous bone, this study was aimed to plan a surgical strategy based on site of attachment of the lesion in the petrous bone.

Methods: Twenty Five were studied preoperatively by neuro –imaging especially magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to classify the types of petrous meningiomas ,all cases were studied operatively for the extent of the tumor removal , clinical status also, follow up with histo-pathological verification.

Results: Radical Surgical removal was achieved in sixthteen patients (64%) , subtotal removal in five cases (20%) and incomplete removal in another four cases (16 %).

Conclusion: Complete Surgical excision of the petrous meningioma can be planned preoperatively depending on exact site of attachment to the petrous bone . There were four different zones on surface of petrous bone on which , different type of surgical approach can be used to achieve a better result as regards The safety of the patient and the radicality of tumor excision.