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Журнал науки и исследований рака
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ISSN: 2576-1447


Structural abnormalities of chromosomes caused by the electric charges and their implications on cancer and other human diseases and health conditions

Ivan Kanev1*, Jennifer Grove1** Kelli Novak1, Gleb Haynatzki2

Background: For many years, we have studied the electric charge properties of chromosomes that have been doubted and ignored in genetics and molecular biology. We have identified and described the positive and negative effects of charge concerning the construction and function of chromosomes and their consequences in human syndromes. In this study, charge was studied to explain structural abnormalities of chromosomes and their implications in the cancer and other human disease.

Materials and methods: Chromosome material, technologies, and methods used in this study were provided by the Human Genetics Laboratory, Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation, University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA.

Results and discussions: This study revealed that: charge of chromosomes is a possible factor for causing structural abnormalities in areas where chromosomes are free of important genes, proteins and enzymes seen in disease; charge provided a reasonable explanation for the mechanism responsible for the development of breaks, translocations, fusions and other structural abnormalities of oncogenes and tumor suppressing genes; and charge provides information for better understanding and more effective methods of predicting, treating and  preventing cancer.

Conclusion: After many years of research and billions in spending, diseases with a chromosomal etiology including cancer, Alzheimer, and Parkinson are still not fully understood and are difficult to predict, cure, and prevent. Using chromosome charge, which has been ignored and doubted in genetics and molecular biology, we present and propose a solution for issues concerning the development of structural abnormalities of DNA and genes causing these diseases. 

Keywords: Cancer; charge based mechanism; numerical and structural abnormality of chromosomes