Исследования здорового старения

Исследования здорового старения
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ISSN: 2261-7434


Study of Cardiovascular Factors, Quality of Life and Body Composition in Physically Active and Sedentary Women

Rafati Fard Mohammad, Hatamzadeh Nasser, Fattahi Mojtaba, Akhlagh Mohamadi Zahra, Sadeghi Masoumeh

Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate cardiovascular factors, quality of life (physical health, psychological health, social relationships and the living environment health) and body composition in physically active and sedentary elderly women.

Methods: In this quasi-experimental, applied research, the study population included 724 elderly women aged 65-75 years old at a day rehabilitation center affiliated to the Welfare Organization of Shiraz. A total of 173 women assigned to two groups [active (n: 75) and sedentary (n: 98) participated voluntarily in this study.Inclusion criteria were regular participation in the sports program of the center for at least three years for the active group and lack of performing exercise of any type for sedentary group. Quality of life was investigated through the WHO Quality of Life Questionnaire, body mass index (BMI) calculated by the formula body weight (kg) divided by the square of the body height (m), and homocysteine level by hematologic measurements.Data were analyzed using independent t-test and Pearson correlation coefficient. The significance level (P) was considered <0.05.

Results: There was a significant difference in the values of physical health (P≤0.001), psychological health (P≤0.001), social relationships (P≤0.001), life environment health (P≤0.001), quality of life (P≤0.001), homocysteine level (P≤0.001) and BMI (P≤0.001) between the two groups. Homocysteine level and BMI were significantly, inversely correlated with quality of life in active women(P≤0.05), but homocysteine level and BMI were insignificantly and inversely correlated with quality of life in sedentary women(P>0.05).