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Study of Emotional Intelligence and Marital Satisfaction in Academic Members of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences

Agha Mohammad Hasani P, Mokhtaree MR, Sayadi AR, Nazer M and Mosavi SA

In today’s highly stressful world the satisfaction of the married life has been decreasing. On the other hand, the people’s communications and viewpoints can have the main role to increase the satisfaction. This study is conducted for evaluation of the relationships and links between the factors of emotional intelligence and marital satisfaction in Academic members of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences. 122 people of our statistical universe have answered to the social emotional intelligence of Bar-on and Enrich marital satisfaction questionnaire. Regarding the type of the research, which was descriptive, Pearson and Spearman correlation co-efficiency and also the T test have been used. The moderately satisfied rate in this study was 68% and the emotional intelligence score was 337. Overall, emotional intelligence and marital satisfaction were not linked to the variables of gender and age. Of many aspects of marital satisfaction, interpersonal and empathy aspects were meaningfully related to the variable of gender, regarding the statistics. Also, of many aspects of emotional intelligence, the one for responsibility between men and women was only meaningfully different, regarding the statistics. Total score of emotional intelligence and marital satisfaction were not meaningfully linked to gender. Generally, all the variables of emotional intelligence and marital satisfaction had a statistical meaningful relationship. 37% of marital satisfaction is predictable by emotional intelligence. Regarding the high relationship between emotional intelligence and marital satisfaction, it is greatly recommended that the related educational organizations of the country pay more attention to teach necessary skills to increase emotional intelligence so that matrimony is improved and family foundation is stronger.