Внутренняя медицина: открытый доступ

Внутренняя медицина: открытый доступ
Открытый доступ

ISSN: 2165-8048


Support Provided by the Accompanists of Patients Hospitalized in CHU in Burkina Faso - A Review

Ouédraogo SM, Sondo KA, Djibril MA, Kyélem CG, Sanou Y, Badoum G, Ouédraogo M, Drabo YJ

The shortage in health human resources is a universal phenomenon and Africa is no exception. Its scope involves circumstantial and in an uncontrollable way the accompanying of the patients in health care process in Africa. It is in this context that this study aims to investigate the type of support provided by the accompanists of patients hospitalized in (CHU) in Burkina Faso. Out of the 100 principal accompanists who were surveyed, the average age was 40.3 ± 8 years. The contribution to cares namely the monitoring of perfusions, medication administration, deposit and withdrawal of checkups, nursing were reported at respective rates of 100%, 78%, 89%, 79%. Logistical support, represented by the material support, drug supply, cleaning of premises, stretcher-bearing occupied respective rates of 100%, 91%, 42% and 73%. The financial stress and psychological support of the attendants were underscored respectively in 68% and 96% of cases. Hospitalized patients suffering from infectious diseases in half the cases, 11% from pulmonary TB smear positive and 72% of accompanists, in total ignorance attended on HIV positive patients. Patient accompanist’s sensitization of on infection prevention remains indispensable.