Международный журнал физической медицины и реабилитации

Международный журнал физической медицины и реабилитации
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ISSN: 2329-9096


Taiiku: Human Movement to Realization for our Well-Being

Yosuke Hayashi

Taiiku is a notion which integrates bodily activities and exercises for health, Physical Education (PE), leisure, selfmastery, and sport sciences. Originally, Taiiku means physical education in Japanese. In Japan, however, the notion of Taiiku as PE has been expanding without theoretical dispute. For example, ethnic sport, a traditional dance performed at a local community festival, military exercise, Budo (A Way of Martial Arts: Kendo, Judo, Kyodo, etc.), modern dance, and any competitive sport are frequently included in the concept of Taiiku. Since the Japan society of PE, health, and sports sciences, the biggest academic society for human movement science, broadly accepts research of bodily activities till now, the need for a redefinition of Taiiku is increasing.

Taiiku now encompasses not simply PE but also a full bodily culture. Hence the problem to be clarified is: What is the redefined notion of Taiiku?