Журнал йоги и физиотерапии

Журнал йоги и физиотерапии
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ISSN: 2157-7595


The Changing Image of the Pelvic Science

E Marani and WFRM Koch

Pelvic science has made serious progress in single organ studies as exemplified by urological and gynecological studies and consequent successful interventions. Interrelations between pelvic organs are inadequately studied. This evasiveness about the lack of knowledge leads to vitalistic explanations and handling. A series of diseases, like fecal and urine incontinence and low back pain are badly understood. Holistic research is seemingly the only option towards successful clinics, which is clearly missing in pelvic research. The new engineering and/or mathematical techniques like finite element modeling are good options to reach such a functional morphological or holistic pelvic research.