Журнал эффектов и контроля загрязнения

Журнал эффектов и контроля загрязнения
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ISSN: 2375-4397


The Influence of Environmental Awareness on Human Attitude to Solid Waste Management in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State

Akpo David Mbu

The attitude of residence on indiscriminate dumping of Solid waste in strategic location mounting to heaps of refuse and pervading dirty environments in some parts of Boki has breed concern. Human attitude towards solid waste management was investigated in locations that servers as receptacles. When refuse dumped remain unevacuated, they constituted dirtiness and hazard. 120 questionnaires were produced for respondents. The findings, shows environmental awareness have no effect on human attitude to solid waste management. Education did not form criterion for waste management, as there was no difference in attitude towards waste control. Pearson’s Moment Correlation Coefficient between Environmental Awareness and attitude Scores=120; Pearson’s moment correlation coefficient between attitude and practice score. N=120; p > 0.05; df=118 Critical R=1.960. The calculated t-value of 2.33 is greater than the critical t-value of 1.980 at p ≥ 0.05 level with 118 degree of freedom was established. Therefore, deliberate enforcement, regulation and awareness on the effect of solid waste decay to Public health are undertaken. This will help to educate the people on proper disposal and management of solid wastes.