Журнал клеточной науки и терапии

Журнал клеточной науки и терапии
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ISSN: 2157-7013


The Latest Information on Antiviral Therapy, Immunotherapy and Cell Therapy for COVID-19

Zemene Demelash Kifle, Engidaw Fentahun Enyew

The cases of COVID-19 have been found in many countries around the world. Corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19), being an emerging infectious disease, is a serious threat to human health. Current clinical management includes infection prevention and control measures and supportive care including supplemental oxygen and mechanical ventilatory support. Evolving research and clinical data regarding the virologic SARS-CoV-2 suggest a potential list of repurposed drugs with appropriate pharmacological effects and therapeutic efficacies in treating COVID-19 patients. The structure of the SARS-CoV-2 virus comprises of S proteins, M proteins, E proteins, hemagglutinin esterases, nucleocapsid proteins, and RNA genome. Viral proteases cleave these polyproteins and RNA-dependent polymerases replicate the genome. Numerous investigators are developing novel protease inhibitors, some of which have made it into clinical trials. In addition to therapeutic properties of these anti-COVID-19 compounds, some adverse effects were observed in different human organs as well. Not only several attentions were paid to antiviral therapy and treatment of COVID-19, but also nanomedicine, immunotherapy, and cell therapy were conducted against this viral infection. In this review paper,We discussed the latest therapeutic developments against COVID-19.