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Журнал психологии и психотерапии
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The life experiences of teenage mothers and the impact of such experiences on their sexual lives

Soonitee Rampersad

This research aimed to understand the life experiences of teenage mothers and assess the impact of such experiences on their sexual lives. This survey was created keeping in mind confidentiality about the participants and the information provided by the Drop-in—Centre of Mauritius Family Planning & Welfare Association. A total of 40 participants were used for this survey where 6 cases of teenage mothers (case studies), 24 face-to-face interviews and 10 telephone interviews were analyzed. The result of this survey was that teenage pregnancy is a major concern that has a very deep impact not only on the life of the teens but on their environment as well be it family, education, society as well as the economy of the country. It was also found that most of the partners of the teen disappeared from the lives of the teens. Stopping the stigmatization and reintegrating them in the society is the major key to help the teenage mothers. Statistics show the rising figures of teen mothers. The result shows the growing need for further research as well as sensitization of all citizens of Mauritius about teenage mothers as it is not the concern of only a particular group of people but of all of them. Educating adults, youths, elders and children on the importance of using contraception and not engaging in early sexual acts, are the very concerned topics that young people need to be informed and educated about. The importance of family, counselling on regular basis depending on the need of the teen mothers should always be priority for their well-being and that of their child.