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The Psychological Impact of Breast Cancer on The Every Day’s Life through The Eyes of Survivors

Shrenik Ostwal, Arunima Datta, Prathama Guha Chaudhuri*, Deblina Dam and Rimi Sharma

Background: The incidence of breast cancer in Eastern Country is unexpectedly increasing more than any other types of cancer in women. The purpose of this study was to explore and describe how breast cancer affects well-being of affected women, particularly their physical, emotional, personal and social aspects.

Method: For the present study thirty-nine women were interviewed at different stages of diseases. Thirteen patients were recently diagnosed with breast cancer, ten were undergoing chemotherapy, nine were on follow-up and rest consisted of socially rejected once by others for their disease. All participants reported their experience through structured interview. A constructive grounded theory approach was used where includes different areas of domains of problems having impact on daily life.

Results: Our study showed that, the reactions of the patients, when they were first informed about their disease is usually the thought of death. After first chemotherapy, behavioral changes were observed, in the form of lack of awareness about side effects. Social factors also play an important role in developing psychological stress.

Conclusion: Various stages of diagnostic treatment pathway give rise to a range of unique and diverse influences on physical, emotional social and psychological well-being.