Журнал оборонного менеджмента

Журнал оборонного менеджмента
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ISSN: 2167-0374


The Roles of Woman as Leader and Housewife

Niniek Fariati Lantara*

Emancipation of woman in various areas of life has been discussed lately. Achievement and skill pointed out by woman nowadays make us consider that women and men are not differ much. It is seen by leadership and roles of women in various areas. Power of being stiff, tough, and accurate in making decision are characteristics of women for which they are required by a leader. Burden and responsibility of a female leader is more than responsibility of man as woman has double play either for being a mother in the household or a woman in the other womanly responsibilities. Equality between men and women will not be a waste of time effort if women act upon her ability to be competitive with men to their womanhood.