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Therapists' Self-Efficacy for CBT Dissemination: is Supervision the Key?

Allison Wilkerson and Monica Ramirez Basco

Dissemination of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies (EBPs) to mental health centers is an important step in maximizing quality of care for people with psychiatric disorders. Therapists at mental health centers are critical to this process, and self-efficacy for the delivery of EBPs might be crucial in their utilization of new treatment methods. The need for clinical supervision following didactic training in EBPs is not entirely clear and the time and costs may not be justified based on the current literature. The present study surveyed therapists (N=45) who were trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) For Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) as part of a large dissemination effort in Texas, some of whom received clinical supervision with a CBT expert. Results indicated that therapists who received supervision showed significantly greater self-efficacy for basic counseling skills (p=.005), greater confidence in their clients’ abilities to practice CBT (p<.001), and a greater belief in CBT as an effective psychotherapy (p<.001). However, while those who participated in supervision showed greater self-efficacy for CBT skills (p=.013), findings were not significant after adjusting for family wise error. Implications for incorporating supervision into the dissemination process are discussed.