Органическая химия: текущие исследования

Органическая химия: текущие исследования
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To Stop Spreading COVID Disease Completely, Only When We Know and Understand Very Well its Origin, How its Active Sites Analyze Nucleic Acids in vivo, and How it Spreeds? Then will be Easy to be Recovered

Ashraf El Tantawi*

If we remove adenine and cytosine from the viral chain, then will prepare a vaccine containing TG nucleotides from virus and CA nucleotides from marine or from fruits origin, and will give it to the patient with increasing his immune efficiency, that will confirm the ability of neuron to produce antibodies and T-cells with lymphocytes associated protein CTLA4 which is the surface protein on T cells that has an inhibitory effect on the host immune reaction and prevent overreaction of the neuron to face that virus and will have the ability to resist. We can prepare vaccine with only thymine nucleotides from viruses than grow it with guanine and cytosine from fruits origin (orange and apple) to give the sequence TGC, or GTC, then bonded with Tyr-Gly-Gly-methionin we can use adenine from fruits origin as apple, or oranges but I prefer using that new chain containing only TvGfCf (that TV is thymine from virus, and Gf and Cf is guanine and cytosine from fruit origin). In case of using the vaccine for male we'll increase the cytosine, guanine and thymine (e.g., methionine bonded to phosphate gps), but for females would like to refer to increase the guanine and cytosine only more than tandem nucleotides. With adjusting the Phosphorylations in presence of ATPase and GTPase (GTP in proper % for reactivating brain and immune cells functions for facilitate the metabolic cycles for facing that virus dangers)+7-Methyl-guanosine-5'-(α-fluoro)-monophosphate carefully and in accurat %, that'll be able to act on coronaviruses successfully. Absolutely coronaviruses in most animal reservoirs. Those viruses don't like to depend on themselves but are depending on elements as vanadium that will help them entering lungs and digestive system to break nucleic acids and biological molecules in vivo then will be easy to destroy immune cells.

So, if we can remove A and G nucleotides from viruses chains (because the most dangerous nucleotides in viruses sequences are A and C then G), with enough proper phosphorylations through using GTPase and its substrates (which are mainly for brain reactivation), so it'll be best success for reservival patients. Also, reactivate main Leuenkephalin cycles in patient’s brain which has this sequence Tyr-Gly-Gly-Phe-Leu, with increasing proper phosphorylation carefully will start to save patients through increasing proper metabolic cycles for the benefit of the 1st steps of increasing immunity strength. Also, please never treat that virus with any drug can cause decompositions.

The Photo Reactivating Enzyme (PRE) is an enzyme that repairs DNA damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. The enzyme is found in a variety of species and body tissues. Actually that enzyme is activated by phosphorylations that damaged DNA, so there is no problem for that enz because like what happened just the presence of phosphate gps then will be able to repair nucleic acids again. Now, pyrimidine metabolic process is so imp for enzyme synthesis, for T-cells formation and for immune effectiveness. Furthermore, there are sufficient differences between corresponding enzymes of pyrimidine metabolism, in mainly human body from the viruses that the pyrimidine and purine belongs to viruses will try to isolate the main original pyrimidine from activities in the favor of virus’s nucleic acids. But pyrimidine control metabolic process in the favor of their purines.