Журнал эффектов и контроля загрязнения

Журнал эффектов и контроля загрязнения
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ISSN: 2375-4397


Tropospheric Ozone Climatology in Eastern Equatorial Africa

Mulumba JP*, Sivakumar V and Afullo TJO

Tropospheric ozone climatology in eastern Equatorial Africa has been at the core of this study. Seasonal and annual tropospheric ozone distribution and variation have been investigated using SHADOZ network data from Nairobi for the period 1998-2013. Meteorological parameters including air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure as well as ozone partial pressure have permitted to provide the first comprehensible tropospheric ozone climatology over this region. Mean seasonal tropospheric ozone distribution displays two distinct peaks occurring in winter with 43 DU (July) and 46.8 DU in spring (October). Comparison of mean seasonal ozone partial pressure with relative humidity profiles shows a logarithmic trend with strong regression coefficient for ozone partial pressure (0.81