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Usefulness of Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Epidural Edema and Hematoma in the Puerperium

Mario Enmanuel López Marenco, José Antonio Hernández Pacheco, Miguel Ángel Nares Torices, Rigel Josue Huchim Estrella, Francisco Otilio Gonzáles Ronquillo

Symptomatic epidural hematomas are common in spinal operations. However, in clinical practice, cases have been identified after regional anesthesia in various types of surgeries. It is a medical emergency due to the neurological consequences. Regional anesthesia is the most used procedure during the resolution of pregnancy either by abdominal or vaginal delivery. The utility of ultrasound as an accessible, rapid, low-cost, bedside tool for the diagnosis of epidural hematoma as a complication of obstetric regional anesthesia. The objective of this article is to report the diagnostic utility of ultrasound for the identification of hematoma and epidural edema in two women with neurological symptoms in the immediate puerperium. Obtaining images similar to magnetic resonance imaging.