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Гинекология и акушерство
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Vitamin D and Pre-eclampsia

Kawtar Nassar, Wafae Rachidi, Ouafa Mkinsi and Saadia Janani

Pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy disorder, usually occurs during the third trimester, and manifested by hypertension and proteinuria. Several alterations of calcium metabolism have been described. Poor Vitamin D status has been described in pregnancy women in several countries, and that has been associated with an increased risk lower birth weight, type 1 diabetes and asthma, and it is one of risk factors of preeclampsia. Previous studies report an association between vitamin D deficiency and hypertension, including the pregnancy-specific preeclampsia. It has been reported that women taking supplements containing vitamin D pre-pregnancy, in the first trimester and in late pregnancy had a lower risk of developing preeclampsia than those who did not. The aim of our study is to review the association between vitamin D statues during pregnancy, specially the pre-eclampsia risk.