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Журнал протеомики и биоинформатики
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Involvement of TP53 Mutations in the Occurrence of Oral Cavity Cancers in Senegalese Patients

Mame Diarra Samb1*, Fatimata Mbaye1, Mouhamadou Makhtar Ndiaye2, Malick Fall1, Silly Toure2, Mbacke Sembene1

The Head and neck cancers are a group of heterogeneous tumors, among which oral cavity cancers appear to be increasingly common. It has been reported that solid tumors are not genetically stable; accordingly, identification of the genetic factors involved in oral carcinogenesis could aid in preventing the spread of oral cancers. Therefore, in this study, we aimed to determine the involvement of TP53 mutations in oral cavity cancers in Senegalese patients. Samples from 40 patients with cancer were included in this study. Blood samples were collected from controls. Tissues were collected from each patient during biopsy after obtaining their consent. DNA extraction, polymerase chain reaction, and sequencing were performed to obtain sequences. The chromatograms were compared to the reference sequence using Mutation Surveyor software. In addition, the COSMIC database, Mutation Taster, PolyPhen-2, and SIFT software were used to predict the pathogenicity of mutations. MEGA, BioEdit, and DnaSP software were used to analyze polymorphisms and genetic diversity. A total of 105 mutations, including 36 pathogeneses, were identified. Codon 196 was found to be under positive selection. Therefore, it was concluded that TP53 mutations can occur early in oral carcinogenesis. This study provides valuable insights for the early detection and treatment of oral cancers in Senegalese patients.