Журнал синдрома Дауна и хромосомных аномалий

Журнал синдрома Дауна и хромосомных аномалий
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ISSN: 2472-1115


Symptoms of Turner Syndrome among Girls and Women with this Disorder

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Turner condition happens in 1 of each 2000 to 5000 live female births and is currently recognized to include an expansive scope of chromosomal karyotypes and clinical aggregates. A large number of these people show up totally ordinary put something aside for their short height. This article audits the major clinical and physiologic irregularities that can happen and puts unique accentuation on the issues of short height and gonadal disappointment. Proof is audited that shows that there is a potential for expanded stature with development chemical treatment. Additionally talked about is the range of gonadal capacity, going from the beginning of unconstrained adolescence and the potential for fertility to finish gonadal disappointment.