Журнал заболеваний щитовидной железы и терапии

Журнал заболеваний щитовидной железы и терапии
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ISSN: 2167-7948


Type 2 Myotonic Dystrophy Associated with Follicular Thyroid Cancer: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Isaac Sachmechi, Anuradha Chadha and Preaw Hanseree

A patient with myotonic dystrophy and associated multinodular goiter, subclinical hyperthyroidism, and follicular thyroid cancer is described. To authors’ knowledge, at least 12 cases of thyroid cancer associated with myotonic dystrophy have been reported which were papillary, medullary, and unknown type. This is the first reported case of follicular thyroid cancer in type 2 myotonic dystrophy. Myotonic dystrophy commonly involved endocrine system and unstable neucleotide repeat expansions in myotonic dystrophy may predispose patients to develop cancer. The authors hypothesized that myotonic dystrophy might be one of risk factors for development of thyroid cancer.